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Michael Bloomfield : Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007)

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Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Empty Michael Bloomfield : Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007)

Message par kjp 22.04.08 10:45

Comme convenu Bloomers, j'ai pris le temps hier soir de saisir l'article chroniquant cette sortie regroupant deux albums de Mike Bloomfield.

Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) 17305010Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Mikebl10
Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (CD-Ace 2007)

Analine (1977)

Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Mb_ana10

Mike Bloomfield : Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Tipple, Ukulele, Piano, Organ, Vocal
Bob Jones : Drums
Nick Gravenites : Vocals (9), Guitar
Roger Troy : Bass
Mark Naftalin : Piano

01. Peepin' An A Moanin' Blues (2.38)
02. Mr Johnson And Mr Dunn (2.52)
03. Frankie And Johnny (4.06)
04. At The Cross (4.34)
05. Big C Blues (3.52)
06. Hilo Waltz (4.05)
07. Effinonna Rag (4.29)
08. Mood Indigo (5.18)
09. Analine (5.34)

Recorded in 1977 At Beggs/American Zoetrope & Xanadu Recording Co
Producer : Norman Dayron & Michael Bloomfield

Michael Bloomfield (1978)

Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Mb_ana11

Michael Bloomfield : acoustic & electric guitars, piano, accordion, tipple, Moog, Organ, Banjo, Bass
Ira Kamin : piano
David Shorrey : bass, background vocals
Douglas Kilmer : bass
Bob Jones : drums, tambourine, backing vocals
Kraig Kilby : Trombone

10. Guitar King (4.10)
11. Knockin Myself Out (4.05)
12. My Children My Children (4.35)
13. Women Loving Each Other (6.12)
14. Sloppy Drunk (5.58)
15. You Took My Money (3.58)
16. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (4.50)
17. The Gospel Truth (4.00)

Recorded At Tres Virgos/Tamarin, Mill Valley, California
Producer : Norman Dayron

« Faites en sorte que ma tombe soit bien entretenue » : Ace prend Bloomfield au pied de la lettre et rappelle à notre mémoire ce fabuleux musicien (le meilleur guitariste américain blanc de blues ?) en rééditant deux albums fort sympathiques de la fin des années 70, produit par Norman Dayron. Sa disparition prématurée et son aversion pour le star system ont, tout autant que sa personnalité instable, privé Bloomfield d’accéder au même statut qu’un Eric Clapton, son seul « rival » possible. A la fin de sa carrière, en signant avec Takoma (un label indépendant dirigé par le guitariste John Fahey), il a voulu se faire plaisir : ses albums de la fin des années 70 sont autant d’hommages à différents styles de musique populaire américaine (blues, gospel, folk…) dans lesquels la guitare de Bloomfield est au service d’une émotion simple et naturelle. Les deux LP regroupés ici sont différents. « Analine » de 1977 est plus intimiste, Bloomfield y joue de tous les instruments (guitare, piano, batterie ou encore ukulélé), à part sur la ballade « Analine »  ou il est rejoint par ses compère Nick Gravenites, Mark Naftalin & Co.  « Michael Bloomfield » de 1978 est plus bluesy, et dans le groupe qui accompagne Michael on remarque notamment la présence du bassiste David Shorey (aujourd’hui connu sous le nom de Gashouse Dave). Mais dans les deux albums, on retrouve les différentes facettes d’un jeu de guitare délicieux, en électrique comme en acoustique, au bottleneck ou non, dans de belles ballades ou d’intenses blues, du ragtime ou de la valse… Et le gospel n’est jamais loin (At the cross ou Gospel truth). Les très bons moments sont nombreux et la verve gouailleuse du blues est bien rendue sur des titres comme Peepin’ an a-moanin’ blues ou Sloppy drunk : on sent que Bloomfield en a fréquenté des tavernes enfumées et des porches dans lesquels se produisaient les anciens. Un CD très recommandable pour apprécier la diversité des registres de la musique de Bloomfield, dans ce qui sera (hélas) la dernière phase de sa carrière…

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Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Empty Re: Michael Bloomfield : Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007)

Message par Ayler 22.04.08 12:53

During the 1970s, Michael Bloomfield retreated from the spotlight and returned to the raw blues he’d first experienced as an adolescent in the clubs of Chicago’s South Side. He investigated other forms of black American folk music, its roots, and how blues lyrics always evolved to comment on the present times and troubles. He also kicked back and had some fun.

Some of the results are captured on these two albums, previously released on John Fahey’s Takoma Records in 1977 and ’78. They might not shake the world like his playing with the newly-electric Dylan or barrier-busting Paul Butterfield Blues Band but, having tasted rock‘n’roll excess with the Electric Flag and mass adulation with the “Supersession” monster jams, Bloomfield set about weaving a more insidious kind of magic. He ignored commercial demands to follow his heart and soul, recording pure blues albums for small labels, while fighting drug and alcohol problems.

Even returning to his roots, Bloomfield set himself another hard-to-follow benchmark with 1976’s Grammy-nominated “If You Love These Blues, Play ‘Em As You Please”, released through Guitar Player magazine with Takoma. He came up with a gorgeous collection of intimate statements he called ANALINE after its soaring balladic highlight.

Drugs and, reportedly, arthritis, might have taken some toll but the sometimes faltering picking and wracked vocals are wrenched from his deepest soul, tapping into and the spirit of the blues to create a unique atmosphere. He sometimes played all the instruments himself. His undimmed talent shines on tracks like the funereal At The Cross, Bloomfield’s playing now a stripped-down, elegiac shadow of the clipped starbursts and string-bending barrages of earlier work. The langorous slide and mandolin tipple of Hilo Waltz evokes John Fahey’s 70s riverboat excursions while after-hours instrumental Mood Indigo is lushly intoxicating with its swooning slide and rolling bar-room piano, winding down a real lost gem in the Takoma canon.

MICHAEL BLOOMFIELD was the first album released on Takoma after Fahey sold up to Chrysalis in 1978. Bloomfield presents another shade of the blues, maybe summed up by track title, Sloppy Drunk, but the album takes on its own ragged glory as it progresses.

Recorded at his Mill Valley home and at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, the album features a variety of guests, including old Butterfield mucker Mark Naftalin. A loose, knockabout feel prevails but Bloomfield’s inherent virtuosity still manages to spark, Women Loving Each Other hitting a glorious spacey plateau as the slide steams in. The gospel influence which graced 1979’s sublime duets album with Woody Harris creeps in for the final pair, offering the most moving moments. Blind Lemon Jefferson’s See That My Grave Is Kept Clean is performed as an ethereal slide-strewn crawl, while The Gospel Truth is the only instrumental, boasting a classic Bloomfield solo.

Mike Bloomfield lost his battle against heroin in February 1981, when he was found dead in his car but, as this honest pair of albums demonstrate, he had already fought successfully to honour his musical conscience.

By Kris Needs
Source :

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Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Empty Re: Michael Bloomfield : Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007)

Message par Bloomers 22.04.08 16:41

merci Olivier, je viens d'acquerir ce cd...excellente réédition, le son est parfait cette fois-ci (ce n'est pas du repiquage de vinyles)

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Michael Bloomfield :  Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007) Empty Re: Michael Bloomfield : Analine/Michael Bloomfield (2007)

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