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The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010)

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The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010) Empty The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010)

Message par Francky 11.05.10 8:16

Pre-Order the new Derek Trucks Band Roadsongs!
Like many musicians, Derek Trucks doesn't spend much time listening to his own music, and when he does, he tends to focus on what didn't go right, rather than what did. "In 16 years of touring with the DTB, I rarely check out our own live recordings, mainly because I'm hypercritical of our performances “ especially mine," says the humble guitar wizard.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Last year, the Derek Trucks Band hit Chicago for a two-night stand at the Park West, and everyone in the band immediately recognized that something special had just happened. Roadsongs is the result, the first live album (to be released June 22nd) from the Derek Trucks Band since 2004's Live at the Georgia Theatre.

"I remember that second night in Chicago. It was kind of rare thing, we all came off the stage and, independently of one another, said ˜That was great “ we really got there!' ˜If we ever do a live album, that was it right there.'" I could tell everybody was playing better than they normally do," Derek explains. "I remember listening to tunes like ˜Sailin' On' and ˜Rastaman Chant' and thinking how the addition of the horns were a nice twist, that made these songs sound fresh again."

Indeed, the DTB were hittin' a very high note at these shows, and now you can enjoy all the musical magic on their new double live CD Roadsongs! The band has never sounded better, covering a wide range of material from the intense jazz of "Afro Blue" to the dreamy "Already Free" to the burning blues of "Key To the Highway." The horns add a lot to the sound - this album almost sounds like the Derek Trucks Orchestra!

Even so, the core band of Yonrico Scott, Todd Smallie, Mike Mattison, Kofi Burbridge, Count M'Butu, and of course Derek Trucks are the real stars here. Currently enjoying a well-deserved hiatus after 16 grueling years as road warriors of the highest caliber, Roadsongs shows how tight and cohesive the group was before taking a break.

Everyone who pre-orders this CD gets a DTB air freshener, perfect for those long trips on the road, and when you order Roadsongs, you get a live download of "I'll Find My Way" for a little "instant gratification" while you wait for the CDs. As a bonus there will be a few slides, actually used by Derek in concert, that will be sent to several lucky customers that participate in this pre-order! We're also offering a special "Deluxe Package" that includes the double CD, the new Already Free tablature songbook from Cherry Lane Music Publishing that features professional-quality transcriptions of all of the songs and an interview with Derek about the recording PLUS a free copy of our next issue of Hittin' the Note magazine, which will feature a review of Roadsongs, as well as an in-depth story on the new musical project that Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are working on. All of the songbooks sold as a part of this deluxe package during this pre-sale will be autographed by Derek!

Click here to pre-order your copy today and receive a free download of "I'll find My Way."

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The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010) Empty Re: The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010)

Message par Chino 19.10.10 21:14

Bon live le Roadsongs, mais qui aurait peut-être gagné à ne pas être un double CD.

En tout cas, jai écouté quelques shows de décembre 2009 (juste avant la pause du groupe), et je les trouve bien plus intéressants à écouter que Roadsongs.

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The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010) Empty Re: The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010)

Message par Michel 19.10.10 21:46

Roadsongs me semble être une sorte de témoignage du groupe des années 2006/2009, histoire de clore un chapitre.

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The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010) Empty Re: The Derek Trucks Band : Roadsongs (2010)

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