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2 guitar in the blues Why?

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2 guitar in the blues Why? Empty 2 guitar in the blues Why?

Message par traffik 05.05.18 13:35

Hi everybody; First post here, on this forum, so I hope to have it well placed. Today a question lurks in my head. Here I am listening to quite a lot of Blues from the 30s to 60s, be it the Robert Johnson period, Franck Stokes, Big Bill Bronzy or the blues after the war such as Muddy Watters, Howlin Wolf, Sony Boy Williamson 2, Slim Harpo ...
Out of curiosity I went to see a little how were formed the group, what instrument there was .. And I noticed that in the blues, whether before or after the war, there were sometimes two guitarists. I listen to a lot of Rockabilly / Rock and Roll of the 50s, I'm used to having a rhythmic acoustic guitarist and a guitarist Solo. But in the blues it does not seem to me that there is a rhythm guitarist. My question is therefore, In a group, say that of Mr. Howlin Wolf, There will be bass / bass, guitar, harmonica and 2 guitars. What will be the roles of the two guitars?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


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2 guitar in the blues Why? Empty Re: 2 guitar in the blues Why?

Message par jipes 07.05.18 17:40

Dear Traffik Be welcome here cheers As for what I can understand of this it's sometimes because the guys dodn't even had a Bass playing with them. For example the early days of Muddy Waters was very often Muddy and Jimmie Rogers on guitars with the great Little Walter. If you listen carefully the Wolf records you'll realized that the riffs and rhythm parts are very inter connected and complement each other. Hubert Sumlin was a genius and very creative cheers

On the other hand if you take the Houserockers which pplayed with Hound Dog Taylor there's not even bass player Brewer Philipps was doing bass riffs while Hound dog was playing mostly slide

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